Kansas City 2 Las Vegas – Video Update 6



As a lot of you already know, we had to skip one of the legs of this year’s rally (Santa Fe) due to a few problems that we had with our two cars. The Lamborghini had a few problems with it’s vents. They never opened which led to the car overheating and the a/c not working. The SLS had a slight accident on the way to Kansas City. One of the GoPro cameras that were placed on the back of the car dislodged and flew right into the rear wing/spoiler which jammed it. We also had a problem with what we thought were three of our tired but were assured later on that it was a sensor malfunction.


So we loaded the cars on flatbeds and sent them to Vegas from KC in the hopes that we could fix the problems and join other Gumballers in the last leg of this year’s rally and finish strong. But we have to admit, the alternative was a bit over the top but we’d do it over and over again.


Here’s what went down: