Why So Serious??

To build a Tumbler or not to build a Tumbler? That is the question.

You have to understand why we wanted to build the Tumbler. Obviously one reason is that we can. Secondly, it’s fun.

One of our team members is crazy about all things Dark Knight, and it’s been an idea of his to build a Tumbler for a while now. So we thought why not go one step further and do it in time for this year’s Gumball.

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So we discussed the idea with Parker Brothers Concepts and it just happened that they’ve wanted to build one for a while now. When ideas line up like that, it can be very magical. Crazy, but magical.Obviously, the Tumbler has been built before. We’ve all seen the movies and the pictures. Hell, we’ve all seen footage of it doing laps on a race track. The tricky part however was to build one that would last 3000 miles and be road legal without losing it’s, well, AWESOMENESS!!

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Since we couldn’t get the original blue prints, we did a little digging and found tidbits here and there on what the assembly of a Tumbler requires but the guys at Parker Brothers Concepts had to do the heavy lifting and fill up the gaps. They also had to make sure that it was road legal. Not an easy task!!

We are just as excited to show you the completed Tumbler, but you willl just have to wait for the unveiling in Copenhagen.



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As always, thanks to Autogespot for covering our updates.

Until Next Time …