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Russell McKellar from Antwerp, Belgium wrote at April 14, 2014:
waw, I seen your P1 today at its storage facility in Dubai and I must say it looks amazing, shame I wasn't aloud to take pictures.

great colour choice!

Peter Chen from United States wrote at April 10, 2014:
Cameron Lee from England wrote at April 9, 2014:
Can't wait for the merch release, Team Galag all the way!
David Hwang from United States wrote at March 26, 2014:
Team Galag T-shirts???? Really want to support Team Galag!!!!!
Ibrahim Khurram from Saudi Arabia wrote at March 8, 2014:
Hey guys!
When are the new stickers going to be available?
Steven K from Scotland wrote at February 13, 2014:
Hey guy, I can't wait until the Gumball 3000 this year!
I'll be in Edinburgh watching you guys pass through! :D
Durrani Abdullah from Singapore wrote at February 10, 2014:
Greetings Team Galag,

You guys should open up a shop for your merchandise! Im guessing alot of people would love to rock your t-shirts, phone cases e.t.c. Good luck for this years Gumball Rally!


tariq wrote at February 8, 2014:
How can someone becone a member of the team ?
Jack wrote at December 2, 2013:
Hello my good family friend who is 8 has been fighting cancer for the past year and a half and recently got the worst new possible being cancer has won and that his days are now limited. We dont know how long exactly he has left but if by any way you could show up in the Tumbler and surprise him it would make his day. We are trying to fill his las days with joy and good memories and this could be one

Thanks Jack

Jonas R. from Germany wrote at October 30, 2013:
Hi guys,

i'm very intersted in you Tumbler. But I'm just a Student, so I want to ask you to send me the Builsing Plans on e-mail to build it with a friend.
When I'ts not to expensive ;-)

Jonas from Germany

Me (Denver) from DALLAS TX wrote at September 24, 2013:
How do I get one of those bada$$ T-shirts?!

- D

Zavier Radecker wrote at August 13, 2013:
How much is the Batman Tumbler?
And is it licensed to drive on the street?
Dr. Galag from Space Station Earth wrote at July 19, 2013:
miss you.
mediaart werbeagentur from Germany wrote at July 12, 2013:
Hi there, one of our clients is interested to rent your Tumbler for presentation during a big German autoshow in late 2013. Is it possible?
Please get in contact with us.
Best regards
Nikunj Agarwal from New York wrote at July 2, 2013:
Hello guys,

I loved all the work you have been doing and I was wondering if you can let me know how I can join you? Looking to hear back from you.


Vicky Hoffmann wrote at June 7, 2013:
Hey Guys,

I'd like to publish an article about your Batmobile on our page autoscooter2000.de. Is it possible to get some picutres of it and some information about you?

Looking forward to your answer
Kind regards from Cologne

BLOG.Dot TV from Vienna, AT wrote at May 28, 2013:
Thank you for dropping by in Vienna, and that you made it, also when it was not planed like this ;)

Thank you for this small interview with you, you guys rock, hope to see you soon.

Here are some pix from Vienna, more to come: http://www.blogdot.tv/2013/05/28/team-galag-gumball3000-batman-tumbler

Thank you, BLOG.Dot TV

bob d from usa wrote at May 27, 2013:
check out my tumbler at bobdllam.com or
mike snyder from usa wrote at May 23, 2013:
Dudes this is awesome stuff again. i hope you guys remember me from the last few gumballs im ur biggest fan. save me a shirt and stickers if you can. will pay for shipping after race. thanks and ball on
weasel from Tartu wrote at May 21, 2013:
Hello from Tartu. Just saw you drive by. Video will follow.
kert metsaots wrote at May 21, 2013:
are you comeing through võru, Estonia ?
kaifo wrote at May 21, 2013:
Hi guys! You are driving wrong way! :D
But how do you feel driving on Estonian roads? Try to focus on hard cover (asphalt) roads. :P Good luck!
Nils from Estonia wrote at May 21, 2013:
The sign will say "JÕUGA 13"
So it will be 13 km to a place called Jõuga from where you should reach the main road and take the turn towards Tartu.

Hope you are getting my messages.
Have fun!

Nils from Estonia wrote at May 21, 2013:
I am currently watching live location on your map and it seems you have missed the "right" road to second capital "Tartu" and taken very narrow road( at least seems so on the map)

in roughly 6 km you should take a turn to right to get back on track ;)

Khairulanwar from Brunei Darussalam wrote at May 21, 2013:
I really love the tumbler and that custom R-35GTR! both really steal the spotlight! :D
mohammed alfadl from jeddah wrote at May 20, 2013:
yaaaaaaaaaaaaa hooooooo ya team galag nice SLR and is it a 722
Koorosh from America wrote at May 20, 2013:
Whats up Team Galag?!?! The tumbler looks awesome, I was telling all about it to some friends of mine at school. I loved the sls and aventador from last year as well. Have fun! Also, you guys should make t-shirts inspired by last years aventador and sls design if you havnt already. I loved the purple and white, etc. THANKS!
Joaquin Rodriguez from California USA wrote at May 20, 2013:
Such a awesome build! What made you choose that specific engine set up?
Christian from Switzerland wrote at May 20, 2013:
Hello Team Galag. I'm Christian from Switzerland.
I went to Copenhagen to see the start, what a shame for the bad weather!
Now I'm loving to check your updates from the road and to track you on the GPS!
Thanks for making the Gumball so nice with these amazing cars!
I hope to see you in Verona too on Friday.
Boudewijn Knopf from Netherlands wrote at May 20, 2013:
Hey guys,

You guys did a great job with the cars, they look awesome.
Are you enjoying the rally so far?
I've seen some people wearing a white Team Galag shirt and I would really like to have one. Can you tell me where I could buy one?

Greetings from the Netherlands, enjoy your rally!!